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About Us

Who We Are

One World Media is a full-service video production company based in Boulder, Colorado that specializes in documentary and adventure film.



Our résumés read like the well-worn pages of an adventure novel.


We have been making adventure and documentary films for nearly a decade, working in remote desert canyons, conflict zones, epic thunderstorms and high alpine environments. We have worked around the world with professional athletes, humanitarian aid workers and high net-worth clientele — just to name a few. 


Our team is comprised of adventure athletes with experience in climbing, slacklining, mountaineering and paragliding. We are also global travelers who have spent a good chunk of our adult lives working in a total of over 20 countries and 6 continents. Our deep immersion in the communities we work with affords us a perspective that few have access to. Passion drives our creative process, while our dogged determination ensures that we’ll keep going when things get tough to produce exceptional work every time. 


We couple adventure tales with quality retailers to create next-level branded content.


In a digital era saturated with readily-available video content, crafting character-driven stories that are original, striking and memorable has never been more important. With rich story telling and technical expertise in our tool belts, we travel around the world to capture stories of adventure, strength and innovation. We believe that the best way to reach a target audience is to inspire them to want to learn and explore, rather than sell them a product out right. We create branded content that feels refreshingly authentic and relatable, tapping into the soul and hearts of our audience. 


What Sets Us Apart


Technical Backcountry Savvy.


From big walls in the Bugaboos to refugee camps in South Sudan, we have worked in a diverse range of challenging environments that require top-level technical proficiency to navigate the complex logistics associated with the shoot.


With over a decade of experience rigging and shooting in remote environments, we can get on just about anything and go just about anywhere that the project requires. Equipped with ultralight camera kits, we have the ability to move with a rapidly-evolving story to stay on top of the action. 

Personal Integrity. 


It’s the character of the production team — not just the skill set — that will ultimately make or break a film project. We have the vision, passion, discipline and tenacity to do whatever it takes to make compelling, cutting-edge films.  


We carefully select projects to ensure that they’re a good fit and resonate with our deepest values. Our films are not just a single, finished product — they represent a greater movement to encourage our audience to explore and evolve. We fearlessly stand behind what we believe in and will follow it endlessly, wherever it takes us.

Full Immersion Storytelling.

We invest the time to engage the environment where we work, often living on-site for months at a time. Our team builds relationships with the people in our films and it shows: we capture intimate moments that add palpable depth and authenticity to our stories.


We are not afraid to get our hands dirty and will often join in on an experience to have a greater understanding of it ourselves. Our unconventional approach allow us to see the world differently and thus portray it from a uniquely captivating lens.


Production Services

Live-Action Shoots // Documentary Film // Corporate Videos

4K Cinematography // Live Event Coverage // Time-Lapse Video

Still Photography // Multi-Camera Shoots // Aerial Cinematography Services



Concept Development 

Script Writing


Location Scouting 


Talent Releases




Production Management



4K Cinematography

Still Photography

On-Site Logistics

Rigging Services



Video Editing

Photo Editing


Titles / Motion Graphics

Sound Design

Color Grading

Visual Effects






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Documentary / Adventure Film


Boulder, CO

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